A great help

RideAlong is a real help to our family and gives me great peace of mind.  The door-to-door service is terrific.  We all have busy schedules and our young children need the safe transportation and supervision RideAlong provides when we can’t be there.  The RideAlong team is trustworthy, extremely organized and all the communication is friendly, open and transparent.  Our driver is excellent and all the kids really love him.  It’s a very warm and family-like experience and environment. And it is fun – the kids really like to be in the van!
Sreedevi Jayakumar
Jersey City RideAlong parent

Safe, reliable, and consistent

As a family, RideAlong provided a solution we were seeking for many years: Safe, reliable, and consistent pickup and drop off for my children. Norbert and his team have been amazing to work with. Along with being extremely efficient, they are also flexible with school schedules and closings. I would say the highlight is that the communication is clear, frequent and consistent. I can’t recommend RideAlong enough, and have already had other parents join since raving about them. Thanks for bringing a true solution to a major parent pain point!

Sonali Pai
Managing Director of Zaniac Learning Jersey City

Amazing Organization

RideAlong is an amazing organization and recently provided me the good fortune to be able to assist some of those in need during our struggle with Covid-19. While their core business is providing safe, reliable transportation to students, RideAlong undertook the wonderful work of delivering food and supplies to the elderly and needy during this difficult time. Through my volunteer role as a delivery driver for their partnerships with Christ Hospital and New York Presbyterian, I have seen firsthand how grateful and appreciative the recipients of these programs are! I am proud to be a part of the RideAlong family and fully support their mission and vision.

Kent Partoll
Executive Chef and Founder of Loving Cup Creations

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