Forbes Profiles RideAlong as an Example of Great Leadership During Pandemic

May 28, 2020 | In The News

Fortunate to be able to serve others in this challenging time, we are extraordinarily grateful for the feature coverage of our work helping families in need by Luminary’s Cate Luzio at Forbes. 

With a focus on supporting women, as well as searching for good news and examples of leadership coming out of the shutdown, Cate saw first-hand the economic impact and disproportionate burden on women during this crisis. 

In researching this piece, she spoke with the leaders of several of the companies committed to Unilever’s Day of Service on May 21, including RideAlong Founder & CEO Norbert Sygdziak. Norbert and the team at RideAlong have been focused on helping others since the company’s inception, and during the Covid shutdown RideAlong has focused all of its staff time, cash flow and resources on trying to lessen suffering in its communities across the country at this challenging time:

“As this crisis has demonstrated, women’s jobs are particularly vulnerable in this economy….RideAlong wanted to help alleviate some of the challenges working mothers are facing during the crisis. Norbert Sygdziak, RideAlong’s CEO, stated that ‘50% of the company’s leadership and the company are women, many of whom are mothers. In starting RideAlong, we were moved by the heavy burden on mothers generally, and single mothers especially, struggling to get their children safely to and from school and after-school activities. With the pandemic, not nearly enough attention is given to the plight of single mothers.’ The company has launched initiatives to support those impacted by Covid-19 providing direct support to families, predominantly to single mothers. “Everything we are doing for Day of Service – delivering meals to the food insecure, helping essential workers get to their jobs, helping children continue their schooling – is serving women who have, for generations, held our most resource-deprived communities together,” mentioned Sygdziak.

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